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Rolfer Bill Stiefel in LA
Bill Stiefel
Certified Advanced Rolfer™

Welcome to Elemental Rolfing

Bill Stiefel Los Angeles Rolfer

Rolfer rolfing shoulder sidelying in Los AngelesLocated in the Atwater Village of Los Angeles, my practice uses Rolfing® Structural Integration and Rolf Movement® to realign the body.

Rolfing Structural Integration is a holistic approach that can greatly assist in: pain management and recovery from injury. Rolfing is also excellent for improving athletic performance, instilling a straighter healthier posture, maintaining youthful vitality, deepening one's awareness of the body, and much more. The results are empowering with lasting sustainable change. Elemental Rolfing S.I. is here to help.

“Get the system sufficiently resilient so that it is able to change and it will change. It doesn't have to be forced.”
-Dr. Ida P. Rolf

Rolfing Structural Integration combines deep soft tissue manipulation with movement education to guide a person through this process of embodying greater efficiency for the body. Feel free to browse this site and contact me, Bill Stiefel to learn more about how Rolfing Structural Integration can benefit you.

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