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New Office in Topanga Canyon

$10 off Individual Rolfing Sessions + Package Deals

Elemental Rolfing Structural Integration is currently offering a $10 discount to anyone who schedules Rolfing® Structural Integration sessions in the newly opened Topanga Canyon Office. There are rolfing package discounts available as well. Please inquire about package rates.

Because of its holistic approach, people often seek Rolfing Structural Integration for a variety of reasons. Along with relieving a variety of chronic muscle pains, many have found Rolfing to be excellent for improving athletic performance, instilling a straighter healthier posture, maintaining youthful vitality, deepening one's awareness of the body, and much more. Rolfing helps you feel a revitalized youthful freedom and ease in your body. The results are empowering with lasting sustainable change. Please refer to the Yelp reviews for Elemental Rolfing S.I. and Bill Stiefel's work in the Atwater Village office.

Rolfing Structural Integration uses deep soft tissue release or myofascial techniques and movement to balance muscle tension and relieve postural strain, rejuvenating the body. Rolfing can be especially useful in assisting with pain management and helps the body recover from postural strains that are often the cause of muscle or myofascial pain. The emphasis is on improving posture and movement to assist in alleviating many chronic pains and repetitive injuries such as back pain. Rolfing Structural Integration in conjunction with Rolf® Movement can have a very profound, beneficial effect on the body.

Elemental Rolfing is offering this special to both new and previous clients. This offer may be used for each session in a Ten-Series or separately. For more information about Rolfing Structural Integration feel free to explore the rest of Elemental Rolfing's website. Please mention this offer to receive the discount. Hope to see you in Topanga Canyon!

Rolfing neck Rolfing Viscera Rolfing Hips
Rolfing neck Rolfing Viscera Rolfing Hips