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Rolfer Bill Stiefel in LA
Bill Stiefel
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Rolf Movement®

Rolf MovementAt Elemental Rolfing Structural Integration, Rolf Movement® is used along with Rolfing® Structural Integration during every session. This movement training compliments the structural integrative work and provides even greater potential for change. The movement work is done within the framework of the 10-Series.

"I'm in the space and the space is in me. There is not a distinction first between “me” and the “space.” There is also no distinction between space and time. Space is not empty. It is a space of action."
Hubert Godard

What is inhibiting someone from moving with ease and support? Often times there are coordination factors along with sturctural elements. Why does someone's system choose to strike from the ball of the foot verus the heel of the foot? Rolf Movement® trains clients to become more aware of actions like this in their body.

Through movement our bodies understand the world. Rolf Movement helps people to better understand this relationship to others and their environment. Rolf Movement works with a model known as tonic function. This model was first developed by the French dance professor, researcher and Rolfer, Hubert Godard. The Tonic Function model seeks to understand how someone uses their body for support, oriention and movement through space. Rolf Movement practitioners often look at the pre-movements of someone and asks how does that serve the individual? In the moments just before a movement is this patterned movement or pre-movement. This early movement occurs before a person's every step or action. Imagine the effect that such repetitive movements, can have on the body and mind. Bringing a client's awareness to these patterned movements can evoke deep change and open even more possibilities for moving and relating to the world.

In order to move, someone must first find support and orientation within space. Through Rolf Movement, clients are taught how to find that support and feel a sense of space that allows for movements to be more connected with an intrinsic, tonic core. This refinement of movement is the key goal of Rolf Movement.

It is encouraged for the client to remain present and aware of their body and notice how the body relates to both internal and external forces. Where do you feel/find support in your body? Rolf Movement becomes an exploration into what it means to orient and relate to gravity. Rolf Movement encourages mindfulness as a tool to assist in the embodyment of the work. Clients are encouraged to be relaxed yet active participants.

Rolfer Instructs Movement Rolfing Rolldown in LA Rolfer aligning leg in LA
Rolfer Instructs Movement Rolfing Rolldown in LA Rolfer aligning leg in LA