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Rolfer Bill Stiefel in LA
Bill Stiefel
Certified Advanced Rolfer™


Rolfer Bill StiefelBill Stiefel is a certified Advanced Rolfer™ and Rolf Movement® Practitioner. He is certified through the Rolf Institute® in Boulder, Colorado and received his Rolf Movement training from the Brazilian Rolfing Association in São Paulo, Brazil. He is also a certified massage therapist through the California Massage Therapy Council (Cert. 42355). Bill has a Bachelors of Science from Rutgers University. He has a background as a Navy SEAL and combat medic.

Bill’s goal is to provide people with alternative paths for health and well-being. He enjoys Rolfing Structural Integration for its holistic approach as it focuses on pattens of health to encourage people to become more of their potential.

“You are looking for a new pattern in thinking and you will get it primarily through experiencing.”
-Dr. Ida P. Rolf

He discovered Rolfing Structural Integration through his efforts to restore function of a chronic overuse injury. With the intent to enlist and become a Navy SEAL, he reached a point during this intense training when he could not run more than a half mile without experiencing excruciating knee pain.

He found Rolfing S.I. to be very effective in allowing him to move past this limitation. Rolfing S.I. empowered and re-enabled him to fulfill a decade long dream that further defined himself. His time in the military operating as a SEAL and combat medic exposed him to elemental extremes. Having never been colder, hotter, or more exhausted in his life, he realized the body is far more capable than one realizes. Those experiences have given him an appreciation of how adaptive people are to life's elemental forces. These forces are what shape us all. His love for the outdoors and the elemental extremes has given him a respect for nature that transcends separateness. Having a strong connection to this he enjoys sharing the structural integrative work that was so beneficial to him with others.