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Rolfer Bill Stiefel in LA
Bill Stiefel
Certified Advanced Rolfer™

My Rolfing Practice

Rolfing shoulder in Los Angeles Being a Rolfer™, I align the body and refine its relationship to gravity. Each person’s structure is unique so I strive to have my work reflect that. I am nonjudgmental and believe in health at every size. I feel each person can find health within their own body type with Rolfing Structural Integration. My approach is simply to renew balance through Rolfing® Structural Integration and Rolf Movement®. I often combine these approaches in each session. I use Rolf Movement as a tool to renew spatial perceptions. This gives clients more awareness and connection in their body. I use Rolfing Structural Integration as a way to release adhesions and locked tissues within the body. Rolfing renews the natural balance for an individual, allowing each person to further define or reinvent the relationship to his or her body and enviornment. I enjoy seeing the transformation that takes place as people become more empowered in their bodies.

“In a human body, support is not something solid. Support is relationship. Support is a balance of elements that aren’t solid at all...”
-Dr. Ida P. Rolf

I feel that a person’s structure will be shaped by his or her life. Just as a redwood majestically reaches for the sun or a windswept pine clings gracefully high up on a cliff, a body has the innate wisdom to adapt with elegance. I look to find these patterns of strength and encourage people to use that strength to find even more support for his or her body.

I believe someone’s ability to adjust is often compromised by stress such as from our modern, hectic lifestyles. Fortunately, Rolfing S.I. can help. Many times I have seen how this work enables greater lift that transforms the body. This can have very positive, far reaching implications. Providing greater ease and freedom of movement as well as often relieving pain through addressing issues related to a lack of support, the body is able to heal even further. Free unnecessary restrictions and unlock even greater potential. The Ten-Series is about assisting the individual in this process, starting with breath first.

Rolf Movement Instruction Rolfing Elbow Rolfing scapula
Rolf Movement Instruction Rolfing Elbow Rolfing scapula